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Family Life

The fourth day of Christmas December 28 — the Feast of the Holy Family and third day of Kwanzaa. I met  this young couple at a welcome station  in the mountains of Virginia in October 2007.  As I ponder this image I see Joseph and Mary and Jesus in them.  May their be a touch […]

Heroic Love

Today, December 26, is the second day of Christmas, the sixth day of Hanukah (Hebrew) and the first day of Kwanzaa (African American).  May we learn about our own and each others’ celebrations.  It’s easy, just Google the words above. For us Christians the mystery of Incarnation (God-becoming-human in the person of Jesus Christ) needs […]

Is there room in the inn this year?

Here we all are, Lord. It’s Christmas Eve 2008. Some of us believe in You, Lord. And some of us are so cynical about life that we don’t believe in anything much. I wish you could touch these folks, Lord.  Some of them are people I care for very much. Most of all, I hope […]

Presence not presents

Sometimes we get so caught up with buying the right present for our kids, Lord, that we fail to realize that our presence is more important than our presents.

The Burning Bush of the World

Take a moment in this busy season to reflect upon its inner meaning. I yearn that we might recover our Catholic tradition quietly waiting and preparing during the four-weeks of Advent for the coming of Christ into  our lives. For we who are Christians we await, Jesus, Yeshua, the Messiah , who is for us […]

Light escorted by the shadows

Here they are again, Lord.  Light and shadow together. In this case, it appears the shadows on the lawn outside my apartment are actually making room  for the light. It seems the shadows are even escorting the light! And the golden cast of the afternoon sun is awesome, Lord.  I am always in awe of […]

Advent Day 5 — In the midst of the mist

Misty mornings can be cool, Lord. They can teach us about You, about us. There is lots of misty-ness in our lives, Lord. We often don’t see anything clearly. But You are still there, our sun, the Son somehow, some way, penetrating  the fog, the mist. Help us realize that mist is OK, Lord. Misty-ness […]

“Prepare the way of the Lord! Make straight in the wasteland a highway for our God!”  Isaiah 40:3 Even the interstate can be a place for reflection. . . John the Baptist was the great Advent figure who cried out in the wilderness: “Prepare the way of the Lord; make straight his paths. Where are […]

st. augustine beach, florida / october 27, 2007 / photo © bob traupman / all rights reserved Your light will come, dear people of God! The Lord will dawn on you in radiant beauty! . . . from morning prayer for each day of Advent. Are you looking for hope, a perspective that will get […]

Welcome to the blog (Advent / Christmas 2008)

The story of how we got here. I have been writing and involved in print publishing all of my adult life. My Arise reflection / letter is now in its twentieth anniversary year. I have long tried to help folks find meaning in our holidays. To go deeper than tensil and getting drunk at parties […]