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“Prepare the way of the Lord! Make straight in the wasteland a highway for our God!”  Isaiah 40:3 Even the interstate can be a place for reflection. . . John the Baptist was the great Advent figure who cried out in the wilderness: “Prepare the way of the Lord; make straight his paths. Where are […]

st. augustine beach, florida / october 27, 2007 / photo © bob traupman / all rights reserved Your light will come, dear people of God! The Lord will dawn on you in radiant beauty! . . . from morning prayer for each day of Advent. Are you looking for hope, a perspective that will get […]

Welcome to the blog (Advent / Christmas 2008)

The story of how we got here. I have been writing and involved in print publishing all of my adult life. My Arise reflection / letter is now in its twentieth anniversary year. I have long tried to help folks find meaning in our holidays. To go deeper than tensil and getting drunk at parties […]

Dawn’s early light

Shivvy and I make our way to St. Augustine Beach most mornings. The sea and the sky and the shore are always changing so we do not know what to expect. Shivvy cavorts freely and joyfully along the shore; I stand on the three foot berm that runs for miles along the shore sipping my […]

Intrigued by the shadows

I have learned to be intrigued by the shadows of my life, Lord. The stronger the light, the deeper the shadow. I have come to realize there will always be shadows. I must accept the shadows of my life as well as the light; they will just always be there. And so I now  pause […]