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Free to be faithful to conscience and to self

I feel betrayed, Mr. Obama. I voted for you because I see possible greatness in you, even when so many of my fellow Catholics feared you. As you also are an author, I have seen in you a quest for authenticity, of integrity. In my own quest for integrity as a priest and a writer I understand how difficult that quest for honesty and authenticity is. So, I pray for an intellectual conversion for you, an “aha experience”

Submerged in a book

Dear Friends, You haven’t heard from me for a week because there’s a time to nourish and a time to be nourished.  A time to give and a time to receive.  Besides, my body seems to have been requiring extra rest; I haven’t been given the energy to pray and to write in the pre-dawn […]

What (who) are you thirsty for?

a coffee mug in Barnes & Noble Dear Friends, Well, looks like I’ll be able to write again if I can keep my head above water weaving the writing into trying to form an online publishing company around it, getting Augie through all the Broward County hoops of getting medical, psychiatric care and food stamps, […]

Welcome to my life

Me on St. Augustine Beach / Winter 2007 Dear Friends, Well, I’m here at home on a rainy morning (5:24 am) in Fort Lauderdale.  I am thankful for the rain; our canals have been down about two feet. It’s a gentle soaking rain.  It’s been raining all night.  You haven’t heard from me since March […]

How Jesus dealt with conflict

Fort Lauderdale, Wednesday of the Second Week of Lent / March 11, 2009 Dear Friends, Well, I’m here, back in Fort Lauderdale and you may have been looking for me. I came back with a bug of some sort and have been giving my time to a friend of mine who just got out of […]

The Temptation of Christ

christ in the desert monastery / ubiquiu, nm / palm sunday 2008 / (c) bob traupman.  all rights reserved. Wednesday, March 4, 2009 Still in Lake Charles, LA but on my way home today. Dear Friends, Lake Charles is just off of I-10 so I visited  Father Don exactly a year ago on my way […]

Swamps have something to teach us

Lake Charles, LA Tuesday, March 4, 2009 Dear Friends, My retreat is in its final day now. I don’t at all like this swampy wilderness.  It’s so bleak, uninspiring; makes me feel depressed.  We walk above it on the catwalk.  The swamp connotes the stagnation, the stuck-ness of life.  I said the other day that […]

Voices in the wilderness

Friday after Ash Wednesday / February 27, 2009 Lake Charles, Louisiana in a bayou Dear friends, (This post was written Friday but is not being published until just now, Monday morning, March 2nd.  Lent always begins by inviting us to go into our own wilderness experience with Jesus.  Mine began this morning (meaning – Friday.) […]