Dear Friends,

Today (Sunday, June 14) is our Roman Catholic feast of Corpus Christi  in which pause to appreciate we give thanks for the wonderful gift of the holy Eucharist.

I’d like to pause to reflect for a moment on what we Catholics believe  — or say we believe — about communion.

We believe in the Real Presence of Jesus — that the bread and wine are transformed into his Body and Blood. Thus, for us communion is an actual sharing in divine life, not just a symbol.IMG_0112

It is stumbling block for many – not only for many Protestants but many a Catholic who never really gets it because they don’t let it transform their life into common-union.

And, um, I know  some priests who don’t  get it or live it either.

And I’m not so sure the church gets it  because with an all-celibate, all-male clergy, there will be fewer and fewer priests which means that  there will be fewer Catholic communities that will have Mass.

As for me, I crave the holy Eucharist.  It would be very hard for me to live without it.

Here’s what I believe and (try to) live:

Communion means union. Closeness and intimacy with our Lord.

And with one another.

In other words, communion is love.

But do we really believe?  Do we want to accept the implications of that closeness?

Do we want to be transformed by Jesus’ love?

Do we want to live in common – union with our brothers and sisters?


In the South sixty years ago black folk had to sit in the back of the Church.

Is that communion?  Is that honoring the Body and Blood of Christ?

Isn’t it a lie to receive communion and not want to live in common

with all God’s children?  How dare we!

IMG_0109Do we take for granted this gift for us?

It is given to us so that we might become that gift for others.

To become the Real Presence of Christ in the world.

When I receive our Lord in holy communion I pray:

Lord Jesus, You became — You are still — bread-broken

and blood-poured out for the sake of the world.

As I receive the precious gift of the Eucharist

may I become Your body

and Your body become mine.

May Your blood course through my own blood stream.

I want to be transformed by my communion with you, Lord.

Transformed from my self-centered lusts and angers and petty jealousies

into common-union.

Let me become Your Body-broken

and Your Blood-poured-out

into a world that needs You

now more than ever.IMG_0267

lambtop To You, Jesus,

be honor and glory and praise

this day and forever!

So be it!  Amen!

Bob Traupman

priest /writer

Photos taken from my Mass of Thanksgiving for the forty years of my priesthood May 24, 2009 and over Fort Lauderdale.

2 thoughts on “Communion

  1. RAnn June 17, 2009 / 2:17 am

    Thanks for joining us Father. Hope you continue to participate!

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