A Father’s Day blessing (for everyone)

Guess who's the father
Guess who's the father

To all the fathers in my life:

Dear Brothers — and everybody . . . )

I just opened my computer this morning and found this beautiful blessing.

May it lift you up,

encourage you,

heal your heart

and give you joy.

The blessings movie

(from Simple Truths.com)

P. S. There is another Father’s Day post on here that some have liked.

Here’s to all the Father’s in my life.

I wrote it thinking that last Sunday was the day.

(I’m not quite on the planet yet!)

With all my love to all the father’s in my life!

Bob Traupman

priest / writer

One thought on “A Father’s Day blessing (for everyone)

  1. Al Sanchez June 23, 2009 / 4:24 pm

    Bob, thank you for honoring me with that pic in your blog. It is certainly my favorite role (“Father”) –much more than Doctor, or indian chief (remember the Cross and Canoe days?). Ironically, I too thought the 15th was Father’s day and sent my Dad a card a week early! But he was just pleased to get one. I also caught flak from my daughter and wife because I thought they were leaving me alone on Father’s Day—-boy, did I stick my foot in my mouth!!
    I enjoy your blogs, your Arise and thanks also for the phone call on Sunday–that was special. Take care and keep up the writing.

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