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Christmas in July

The other day, July 25, my Christmas cactus bloomed. They are very cool and very temperamental. A friend told me his hadn’t bloomed in ten years. Being a guy who always ponders the meaning of symbol I’m wondering what good fortune this suggests for my Christmas in the fortieth anniversary year of my journey as […]

The summer of ’69: The lunar landing – July 20

I also had a very personal connection to the Apollo ll flight to the moon.

Worshipping celebrities / thirsting for meaning

Dear Friends, I was very sad about the Michael Jackson story last week.  I pray for him.  He had a lot of suffering in his life.  But I wonder how much of it was redemptive.  I was sad for other reasons, though. I want to share with you an excerpt of a fine piece of […]

A July 4th Prayer

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is an actual image of one of the four panels of the words of Thomas Jefferson emblazoned upon the walls of of perhaps America’s most sacred shrine, the Jefferson Memorial. The image was taken in October 2007 on my first pilgrimage to pray for our country’s transformation. I continue, as […]

July 4th / The Courage of the Signers

Dear Brothers and Sisters, On  July 4, 1776, the men, and their families supporting them published the sacred document, the Declaration of Independence, that created this country.  At its conclusion, they said: FOR THE SUPPORT OF THIS DECLARATION WITH A FIRM RELIANCE ON THE PROTECTION OF DIVINE PROVIDENCE WE MUTUALLY PLEDGE OUR LIVES, OUR FORTUNES […]