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The Power of a Wave and a Smile

Dear Friends, I love these hours in the quiet before dawn.  I’m sitting in my old green recliner on my second floor porch.  The only sounds are the quiet, soothing whir of the ceiling fan and the ha ha ha of Shivvy’s breathing as he snuggles next to my chair on the floor next to […]

Toting guns or getting along

Guns at town hall meetings with the President of the United States? God help us!!!
This is not good news. This is not the America I want to be part of.
Here’s a charming little video about critters who find a way to GET ALONG and enjoy each others’ company.

Hope for America

Dear Friends, I’ve been silent for awhile.  Been reflecting and not feeling well.  Life is settling down for me now.  I give thanks every day that I’m able to make a bit of progress in my life.  Hopefully, I will be able to write more often. I will begin with the sharing of this amazing […]