Advent Day 11 – The dance of the shadows

Here they are again, Lord.  Light and shadow together.
In this case, it appears the shadows on the lawn
are actually making room  for the light.
It seems the shadows are even escorting the light!

And the golden cast of the afternoon sun is awesome, Lord.  I am always in awe of it.

It shows forth Your glory, Lord.  At least to me.

Advent and Christmas and Hanukkah are all about light.
Teach us to look for your Light wherever we find it, Lord.

Sometimes we find the Light where there is supposed to be darknessand sometimes we find darkness where there is supposed to be light. Give us wisdom to know the difference. Teach us also to  see the shadow is always right next to the light in our lives.
Teach us to be patient with the shadow and even the darkness;
may we wait for the Light to come into our lives
and once again to our beautiful land.
May we never over look it; may we always be ready “to be wrapped in light as in a robe.”

Now fade all earthly splendor,
The shades of night descend
The dying of the daylight
Foretells creations end.
Though noon gives place to sunset,
Yet dark gives place to light:
The promise of tomorrow
With dawns new hope is bright.
— James Quinn, S.J. , 1968

Now here’s one of the great pieces from Handel’s Messiah – “And the glory of the Lord” on YouTube.  Enjoy.

Dear Friends,

Take time to notice the difference in the early morning and late afternoon light.  These times of day are a photographer’s workshop.  The sun often offers a golden glow to everything and the shadows are long and penetrating.  Each day — twice a day — behold the glory of the Lord — right in front of you.  And it’s delightful entertainment — on demand — for free, yet!

With love,

Bob Traupman

priest / writer

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