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Advent Day 16 – The Burning Bush of the World

Monday of the third week of Advent –  (Hanukkah Day 4) Advent themes are all about waiting for light to shine in our darkness. For we who are Christians we await, Jesus, Yeshua, who is for us the Light of the World. We prepare a place for him to shine in our own hearts this […]

Advent Day 15 – What should we do?

Third Sunday of Advent (Day 3 of Hanukkah) In our Catholic liturgical calendar this is “Gaudete Sunday — the Sunday of Joy.  (You’ll see why at the bottom of this entry.  We’re half way through Advent and the vestment color is Rose, rather than purple, the color of penitence.  So, we see the celebrant in […]

Advent Day 14 – God prefers the poor

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe – December 12  (also Day 2 of Hanukkah) Today,we honor our sister and brothers in Mexico as they celebrate the appearance of the Mother of Jesus  to a poor peasant native Mexican. Today, may we unite ourselves in solidarity with all the peoples of North and South and […]

Advent Day 13 – What are you waiting for?

Friday of the second week o f Advent  (Hanukkah – Day 1) One of the major themes of Advent I promised I would talk about is  “waiting.” The Jewish people are waiting for the Messiah.  We are waiting for the return of Christ. Some expect him “soon and very soon.” (As for me, I don’t […]

Advent Day 12 – Soar like an eagle!

Thursday of the second week of Advent Isaiah is so amazing.    He offers hope. He sees imminent possibilities for the human race.  He warns.  And also he chastises. (More on that later.) I’ve always loved this scripture that appeared in the Mass readings yesterday: God gives strength to the fainting, for the weak he makes […]

Advent Day 11 – The dance of the shadows

Here they are again, Lord.  Light and shadow together. In this case, it appears the shadows on the lawn are actually making room  for the light. It seems the shadows are even escorting the light! And the golden cast of the afternoon sun is awesome, Lord.  I am always in awe of it. It shows […]

Advent Day 10 – Mary’s song of justice

December 8th — The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception This is a feast of Mary for us Catholic’s.  In today’s gospel, we read the story of Mary’s Yes to God, her consent to bring Jesus into our world (Luke 1:26-38.) I offer for your reflection the Song of Mary that Luke places upon her lips. […]