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Day 11 ~ Mary’s song of justice

    This is a feast of Mary for us Catholic’s.  In today’s gospel, we read the story of Mary’s Yes to God, her consent to bring Jesus into our . (Click here to read entire text:) Luke 1:26-38.) I offer for your reflection the Song of Mary that Luke places upon her lips ~ […]

Advent Day 9 — Where are you going?

// PDRTJS_settings_938668_post_1042={“id”:938668,”unique_id”:”wp-post-1042″,”title”:”Advent Day 9 — Where are you going?” // Monday of the Second Week of Advent ~ Day 6 of Hanukah “Prepare the way of the Lord! Make straight in the wasteland a highway for our God!”  Isaiah 40:3 This image was taken on I-95 between St. Augustine and Jacksonville one misty December Sunday […]

Advent Day 8 – Jesus’ wild and wooly advance man

// PDRTJS_settings_938668_post_1034={“id”:938668,”unique_id”:”wp-post-1034″,”title”:”Advent Day 8 – Jesus’ wild and wooly advance man” // Second Sunday of Advent He probably looked like someone from the cast of the old musical Hair or a hippie. He lived in the wild in the desert of Judea. He wore clothing made of camel’s hair, which I’m sure was – um […]

Advent Day 7 – The Lesson of the Shadows

// PDRTJS_settings_938668_post_1031={“id”:938668,”unique_id”:”wp-post-1031″,”title”:”Advent Day 7 – The Lesson of the Shadows” // image © bob traupman 2007. all rights reserved. Saturday of the First Week of Advent I have learned to be intrigued by the shadows of my life, Lord. The stronger the light, the deeper the shadow. I have come to realize there will always […]

Advent Day 6 – Dreaming Peace / Wanting peace / Praying for peace

// PDRTJS_settings_938668_post_1022={“id”:938668,”unique_id”:”wp-post-1022″,”title”:”Advent Day 6 – Dreaming Peace \/ Wanting peace \/ Praying for peace”,”permalink”:”http:\/\/\/2009\/12\/04\/advent-day-6-dreaming-peace-wanting-peace-praying-for-peace\/”,”item_id”:”_post_1022″} // © bob traupman 2008. all rights reserved.  Friday of the First Week of Advent WHY LORD! Why do we want to solve problems by conflict instead of rising to the challenge to work things out — um — creatively. Why […]

Advent Day 5 — In the midst of the mist of our lives

// PDRTJS_settings_938668_post_1013={“id”:938668,”unique_id”:”wp-post-1013″,”title”:”Advent Day 5 — In the midst of the mist of our lives”,”permalink”:”http:\/\/\/2009\/12\/03\/advent-day-5-in-the-midst-of-the-mist-of-our-lives\/”,”item_id”:”_post_1013″} // photo (c) bob traupman 2007. all rights reseved Misty mornings can be cool, Lord. They can teach us about You, about us. There is lots of misty-ness in our lives, Lord. We often don’t see anything clearly. But You are […]

Advent Day 4 ~ Our God becomes flesh

Wednesday of the First Week of Advent Dear Friends, Today, let us reflect on the mystery of the Incarnation — the Christmas portion of our faith.  (If you do not accept this as an article of faith, then just consider it as a beautiful story; it still has power; it still can have tremendous meaning […]