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I can see! You light up my life!

The Fourth Sunday of Lent – The story of the man born blind John the Evangelist is inviting us to ask ourselves:  Who are the blind ones?  Who are those who see? If you have time, read the entire story for yourself John Chapter Nine. It’s an important question for any of us who choose […]

A thirsty man meets a thirsty woman

one of the hundreds of Florida’s cool / clear springs We’re in an important series of Sunday scriptures used to help catechumens (those preparing to meet the Lord in baptism).  In using this series of three stories (1) The Woman at the Well, (2) The Man Born Blind (next Sunday) and (3) the Raising of Lazarus, […]

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

// PDRTJS_settings_938668_post_335={“id”:938668,”unique_id”:”wp-post-335″,”title”:”Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”, // Dear Sisters and Brothers, Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. But what’s this Ashes thing” We Catholics like symbols.  (So does Harry Potter.) What do ashes mean? What can they tell us about life? And death?  And reality? When the priest smears ashes on the forehead he says one […]