Here’s to those who have fathered us!


Here’s to all the fathers I know!
And those I don’t.

To grandfathers, great grandfathers
and fathers-to-be.

Rejoice in your daughters and sons!
Give thanks today for what you have wrought,
not only from your loins
but from your spirit.

Perhaps you have been a great father,
Perhaps not.

Just be as good a father as you can be.IMG_0516

That’s all your kids want.

The most important part of being a father,
I think,
is not what your provide for your family /
nice home /good food /
health care / education / lots of cool stuff, / all that.

The most important part of being a father
is the time you spend getting to know each one as unique individualsIMG_0400
and to call forth their gifts –
to encourage them to be who they are,
to find their own identity,
–  not what you want them to be,
but to find their own place in the sun (Son).

If life circumstances have caused you
not be the greatest of fathers,
it’s not too late.
Just be the best father you can be.

Focus on your kids first.

Some fathers who have lost their jobs are discovering their children for the first time.
The most important thing is to be real.
To be honest, a man of integrity. To love.

You are also somebody’s son.

Maybe you have had a great relationship with your own father.                                                                                                                             Maybe not.

Whether living or dead, honor them today as well.

Just keep trying.  Rejoice in your kids.026_26
They are the greatest gift you have in life.
Be proud of them and they will be proud of you.

And so may we pray:

Our Father who art in heaven,
we give you thanks for the life and love you share with us,
Help us as fathers to be there for our kids,
And if we haven’t,
May we do so from this day forward.
We are all Your children, Heavenly Father.

We give thanks for those who have fathered us,
even though they may not have given us our DNA
– uncles, teachers, friends, older brothers

And I, too, Father Bob, give thanks to the men
who have initiated me into manhood and the ways of the spirit.


I also rejoice and give thanks for all those
for whom I have been a spiritual father
during the forty three years of my priesthood
by helping them to realize
that it is You, heavenly Father,  who give life and love to us all.
To You be all honor and glory and praise!

And now, before you go, here, in honor of you, Dad, here is Joan Baez singing Forever Young.  Click here

Be sure to turn up your speakers and enter full screen.

Bob Traupman
contemplative writer

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