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You will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth

ASCENCION SUNDAY 2014 The feast of the Ascension of our Lord is part of the Easter mystery.  First is the resurrection in which Jesus conquers death for us and reveals that life for us will never end. Then there is the ascension in which Jesus is taken up into heaven to sit at the Father’s […]

I will not leave you orphans!

SIXTH SUNDAY OF EASTER Ordinarily we human beings try to make some provisions for those we will leave behind when we die; Jesus, who became fully human and fully immersed in all that we are and do, was no exception. Some of us are concerned with anticipating and attending to the economic needs of loved […]

Life Surge

THE FIFTH SUNDAY OF EASTER Dear Friends, Jesus is so cool in the images he uses to communicate. In the gospel passage a few weeks ago (John 15:1-8), Jesus says, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” Look at the picture above.  It’s not a vine, but every little portion of that bush, every […]

Being known and loved anyway

With thanks to THE FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER  Dear Friends, The Fourth Sunday of Easter has my favorite story of Jesus as the Good Shepherd.  Its my also my favorite image of Jesus. It’s the perfect image for us today.  (See Scripture below for your reflection.) It took me a long time to realize […]

You will know him in the breaking of the bread

THE THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER I would like to offer a reflection on my favorite resurrection story. I will reflect on the story, the fruit of my own imagination; but you need to engage your own. I recommend first reading the Scripture itself (Luke 24:13-35. Click here for all of today’s Mass readings). The reading […]