Advent Day 5 – Our God becomes flesh

100_100Thursday of the First Week of Advent ~ December 1, 2016

Dear Friends,

If you’re new to this Advent blog,  I recommend reading Welcome to Advent.Click here to get an overview of the Advent season.

Today, let us reflect on the mystery of the Incarnation ~ the Christmas portion of our faith. (Again if you do not accept this as an article of faith, then just consider it as a beautiful story; it still has power; it still can have tremendous meaning for you.)

St. John says “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). Jesus saves us as manIncarnation. Carnal: meat, flesh.  Our God became flesh.

He emptied himself of his equality with God and became as humans are” (Philippians 2).The Father sent his Son into our world to identify with us. To become one of us and with us. God likes us ~ the human race! In Jesus, a marriage is made between God and the human race. 

But this article of our Christian faith often doesn’t dawn on folks.  Many think he was just play-acting ~ pretending to be human.

I offer this passage  (excerpted) from St. Gregory Nazianzen, bishop and doctor of the church in the fourth century from the Advent Office of Readings:

He [Jesus] takes to himself all that is human, except sin (unfaithfulness).He comes forth as God, in the human nature he has taken, one being, made of two contrary elements, flesh and spirit.

Spirit gave divinity, flesh receives it.

He who makes me rich is made poor;

he takes on the poverty of my flesh, that I may gain the riches of divinity.

He who was full is made empty;

he is emptied for a brief space of glory, that I may share in his fullness.

We need God to become one of us and with us.

To help us like and love ourselves.

To realize that Love and Beauty and all good things are our destiny.

To invite us to our future instead of destroying ourselves.

If only we believed.

If only we believed.

Take time today to allow this story of God’s love affair with the human race to touch you, embrace you, heal your heart and transform your life as it has mine.  And continues to do so, day after day after day because, if you’re like me, I really, really, really like being caught up in Love!  

The season of Advent is about preparing our hearts once again for a deeper experience of Christ at Christmas.  We want to keep Christ in Christmas.  This goes contrary to our world that insists that it’s a “Holiday” season.  Here’s a great Christmas song that illustrates the point from a group that calls themselves (get this) ACLU.  You’ll want to turn up your speakers and enter full screen for this one! Click here.

And here are today’s Mass readings, if you’d care to reflect on them. Click here.

With love,

Bob Traupman

contemplative writer

2 thoughts on “Advent Day 5 – Our God becomes flesh

  1. Paula December 3, 2016 / 9:38 am

    You know father when we wre kids it was Christmas break and Easter break thats what they called even in public school now it’s winter break and spring it’s so sad I tell them no this is Christmas and Easter break! Father my grown children and grandkids are so lost in their faith my grandkids really like really don’t believe in God the people they listen to are right I’m out dated and so is God they are so far to the left it scares me! Really only deb and I can speak of God to each other. I asked skyy my almost 15 yr old to pray with us lighting the advent candles and prayers she said no. I pray God will reach out to them and call them to himself! Please pray for us!

    • bobtraupman December 4, 2016 / 11:49 am

      Paula, I’ll add you and your family to my nightly prayer list.

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