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The story of how we got here.

I have been writing and involved in print publishing all of my adult life.  My Arise reflection / letter is now in its twentieth anniversary year.  Last December 2007 a brand new creativity emerged from my soul and burst, though somewhat erratically, onto the Internet by way of email.

I have many creative gifts to share but I have been struggling with the technology of emailing and getting a web site together (I don’t even know how to change the message on my answering machine) all year long.   I believe a Web Site can be a Sanctuary, an actual special place on the net where you can come and relax awhile and find a bit of solace and peace.  My aim is to help you  connect with your inner self and some authenticity.  To find in yourself, in the midst of the meaninglessness and hopelessness that so many young people experience today.  I promise you, what I write comes from the depths of my soul.  I mean what I write  pray.    Check out my place on the Web  spirit7.com for some more of my writings.

What I do here is to select some images from my photo collection; then transport myself into the scene; invite my Lord to join me there and then compose a prayer-poem to let them speak.  (I am a Catholic priest with a a hunger to make sense out of my own experiences of God, the scriptures and my everyday life. And I have an insatiable thirst to share the gleanings of meaning I collect along the wandering path of my life’s journey.   I offer them for whomever would  care to partake of the simple repast I might offer.  I try to post a couple of times a week.

It is my goal that you (and me because I always seek to be nourished and challenged by what I create) find some peace in the midst of the every day insanity of this world and some meaning and hope.  I believe there is meaning everywhere, sometimes hidden.

So I greet you with love.  I am glad you found me.   And invite you to follow along on this journey – wherever it might lead.  I rejoice in the sometimes intimate relationship I have been able to develop with many of my readers since the very beginning of my print journal Arise (now in its twentieth first year.  Some recent ones of these are available on my web site.) Now I rejoice that I have a new audience and must also develop a new writer’s voice to communicate with people I may not have met. I hope that I can develop a way to help you realize the eternal truth that brings essential meaning to my life:  Every human being was created individually and uniquely in the mind and heart of God at the beginning, and will exist forever. But many today who are influenced by machines (tech stuff) do not know this.

Ponder this:  If what I have just said is true, then every single word we utter, every thought we think and every deed we do or leave undone can have meaning and purpose.

I respect everyone.  We are all children of God.  You are all sisters and brothers of mine.  In fact, I respect (or try to) all life.  For me, all life is sacred and is to be honored, respected, celebrated and rejoiced in.   I am wont to look little creatures like the ducks and squirrels around our condo in the eye and receive the sacred energy that flows through them to me.  I especially respect and honor those who have difficult paths or unconventional paths to walk.  I fall into that category myself, as you will come to see if you follow along and join me in this blog.  And I am not afraid of my fellow religionists who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.  My enemies are Jesus’ enemies – not Muslims or Jews or Blacks or Homosexuals – but hypocrites, the ones who plotted Jesus’ death and crucifixion because they hated his message of love and because he preferred the table of sinners to that of the self-righteous. (The difference between me and Jesus is that I would prefer not to be crucified; I prefer to befriend these folks. But if that is my lot, so be it.

It is always my desire to strike a chord that might resonate in the hearts of my readers.  Meaning makes all the difference in our lives.  Viktor Frankl said, “The one who has a why to live can deal with any how.” Just today I read from St. Ambrose speaking to his brother fourth century bishops, “Let no word escape your lips in vain or be uttered without depth of meaning.”

In these reflections I invite you to pause for a moment or two in your running around, to quiet your mind, sit in silence and ask the Lord (or your Higher Power, if you prefer) to help you find the thread of meaning in your life.  Ask yourself what does the activity of your day mean? What is it all about?  I write to  help both you and me make the meaning of our lives.  I grab hold of the idea that the thing that sets us apart is  that humans are called to be meaning-makers. Rather than rush through life from experience to experience, we can construct or fashion our life into a story for good or for ill.  And so, I ask you:  Where’s the spiritual nourishment coming to you in your life?  what feeds you?  Where’s the love?  Where’s the peace? Where’s the meaning – the sense of it all?

With all creative processes, such as writing a novel, the creator (or shall I say co-creator as I want the creative, enlivening Spirit of God to be the source of my creativity) is beholden to the process; one never knows what is going to happen next.  A true novelist is never sure how the story will end.

I want my reflections to be as fresh as possible.  I get up very early in the morning to sing the psalms and reflect on the Scriptures the liturgy places before me for the day to find God’s nourishment for me – for us – anew each day, or at least as God provides the grace to do so.  It is my desire once this blog is begun to let it grow and grow and grow and to reflect for you and with you my experiences — and some of the people I meet from day to day —  wherever I am — where we — are in the world.

I’m doing some deeper writing too, a memoir which I will simply title I’m Here” If you parse this word you come up with “Here I am” which Samuel and Isaiah said in response to God’s call.  It’s Adsum in Latin which a candidate for orders says when he presents himself for ordination.  I repeat those words and the commitment to my priesthood and service to my elder Brother Jesus more than several times a day.  All it means for me is that I have “showed up” in whatever situation I find myself and will do the best I can to make that experience a good one for me and the people I am with.

You see, I never stop reflecting. I always stop to talk to the frogs and ducks and examine the flowers and watch the clouds float across the sky here in South Florida.  I find – or at least ponder – the meaning of everything.  I believe this is a meaningful and purposeful world and there’s a reason for everything — if only we have the patience to live with our questions.  I have had much suffering and aloneness in my life but I have come to realize it’s all good.  In fact, it is my sense that this economic crisis swirling about us might wake us up before we go like lemmings over the precipice to disaster.

I have lived with some very significant questions throughout the nearly 40 years of my priesthood that are still not resolved.  I am more interested in the questions than the answers.  My bipolar mind doesn’t grasp details but I remember somebody saying, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.”

I am an explorer of my inner and outer landscape.  Throughout years of being locked within the confines of a bipolar mind I have explored a great deal of my soul.  I believe that the soul is as expansive as the universe itself — and if we’re attentive — going inward connects us with the deepest mysteries of the universe.  (In the early 80’s I remember “groking” on a book by John Lilly The Center of the Cyclone. Another very influential book in my life is Morton Kelsey’s Other Side of Silence.

That’s on the existential level.  But for me, life is “Both / And.”. I am equally ravished by our great Christian story, the mystery of God’s love affair with the human race which we celebrate at Christmas and Easter.   Our Christian story is that God wanted his son to be Emmanuel – God with us.  He became incarnate, literally encased / immersed in the fleshyness of human existence. The Christian story (and belief for many of us) is that Jesus is Son of God and Son of Mary.  He dwelt among us and shared our joys and sorrow.  He taught us that we have a Father-God who loves us.  He is the One who makes all the difference in my life.  I will try to share that with you and perhaps a new way of viewing him than you have had in the past.

Since June 2007 when I had a frightening mystical experience of a nuclear free-for-all in the Middle East, I have devoted myself to intercessory prayer and meditation (mediation), beginning in the night (might) hours before first light that God would save us as a nation before we go the way of other great civilizations before us.

So, I will continue this theme in this blog for the time being.  My sense is that each one of us Americans must go before God and cleanse ourselves of our own complicity in wrongdoing (sin) before we go accusing others.  I implored us as America to do that before we went off attacking terrorists in 2001 because I know God will not give us the ultimate security if we do not face our own wrongdoing and seek righteousness first for ourselves.

And I so invite you, dear friends, to enter the “Refiner’s fire”  so that by an inner personal renewal we can be purified and cleansed of our immersion in the seven deadly sins :

+ complacency — indifference, not caring — with diligence and watchfulness
+ arrogance with humility
+ envy with kindness
+ self-indulgence (gluttony) with self control and moderation
+ lust with purity of heart
+anger with patience
+ greed with generosity

This theme of being willing to enter into personal transformation for the sake of the transformation of our country is an underlying theme in my writing.  Each of us have to do our own part to renew our country – at least it’s the task of the few * (Cf. Remnant below)  of us who realize that we must do this before it’s too late) We cannot expect the president or any of our elected officials do it for us.  John Kennedy said in his inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

What we need to do, first and foremost, is to recognize our own complicity in sin, our own idolatry and unfaithfulness, get down on our knees and beg our Higher Power – or however you choose to image God, even if it is, as some say in AA “simply Good Orderly Direction” to help us do what we as a country are becoming powerless to do.

Only God can do what we are powerless to do without God!

But we have to be humble enough to ask.

*  The Hebrew bible has many references to the remnant the ten percent of the people who remained faithful to living the covenant. (Cf.  Isaiah 10:20) The word is taken from the textile industry; i.e. a remnant garment, a piece of a cloth.  It is the remnant that will save the whole.  An associated word is Anawim — the poor, the forgotten ones Jesus speaks about in the Sermon on the Mount.  I guess I speak to the remnant of America.

Are you one of us?

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the blog

  1. scottykorbs1879 March 13, 2022 / 9:58 am

    Is Father Bob of Orlando Florida an ordained priest ? Where was his odernation ? And date of this action ? He has a blog called Arise ….

  2. R.H. (Rusty) Foerger January 20, 2018 / 12:24 pm

    “Every human being was created individually and uniquely in the mind and heart of God at the beginning, and will exist forever.” Amen Father Bob. I resonate with this – for it says more about God than it says about us… but it does say something about us in the heart of God.

    • bobtraupman January 22, 2018 / 2:32 am

      Dear Rusty, I went to your site the other day and checked out some of your writings, which I appreciated very much. But I didn’t see any place to leave a comment, so I just placed a “like” next to one of them. God bless you, Rusty!

  3. Gator Woman May 26, 2013 / 2:09 am

    So glad you cleared that up~
    Apparently WP merged two of my readers comments into one.
    It appeared that the comment was all written by you~
    Anyway, happy to meet you fellow Floridian~

  4. Gator Woman May 26, 2013 / 1:27 am

    I am confused.
    Today you wrote to me to saying “thank you for visiting your blog Ajaytao2010.
    But you say you are in Florida and he says he that lives in India?
    How is this possible?

    • bobtraupman May 26, 2013 / 1:37 am

      You’re replying to two different people. I’m Bob Traupman. I live in Florida.

  5. Gator Woman May 26, 2013 / 12:56 am

    How wonderful to meet you.
    We live a bit farther north of you in the Ocala Forest.
    But we travel the entire state quite a bit and love every part of it.
    This is the most inspiring Bio page that I have ever read.

  6. debclandening March 4, 2013 / 3:36 am

    I am glad I have found your blog. Thank-you for visiting mine.
    I live by mountains I was just thinking how incredible and beautiful they are and one of your posts I read this morning has the mountain photo and story .

  7. Joe Lutgen December 16, 2012 / 5:30 am

    I appreciate your work of love and inspiration. If you are ‘the’ Bob Traupman who went to TC/Cath. U in Washington, D.C. with a fellow traveler named Joe Lutgen (class of ’69), please send me an email.

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