June 2009

The Sorrowful mothers of the world

  The Sorrowful Mother (The Pieta) – Michelangelo – in the millennial year of 1500 when he was 24 years old HOLY WEEK 2020 As we face this terrible Coronavirus  crisis that has so unsettled all are lives. and has caused over 12,000 deaths in our country. 9’11 caused under 3,000. And this pandemic is […]


Today is the feast of Corpus Christi in which we Catholics celebrate that we believe in the Real Presence of Jesus — that the bread and wine are transformed into his Body and Blood.
It is stumbling block for many – not only for many Protestants but many a Catholic who never really gets it because they don’t let it transform their life into common-union. And, um, I know some priests who don’t get it or live it either.