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Re-birthing America

Dear Friends, the boy in the image above was reading the Declaration of Independence emblazoned on the wall of the Jefferson Memorial when I visited there in October 2007.  He represents our future. The folks in the following video taken at Colonial Williamsburg represent our past as they reenact how our country was born.  Our […]

A Prayer for the Fourth of July

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is an actual image of one of the four panels of the words of Thomas Jefferson emblazoned upon the walls of perhaps America’s most sacred shrine, the Jefferson Memorial. The image was taken in October 2007 on my first pilgrimage to pray for our country’s transformation. As I offer my thoughts, […]

Respect for authority or anarchy

This little guy is enthralled by the word of Thomas Jefferson emblazoned on the walls of the Jefferson Memorial Grateful, indeed, Bill.  I truly look forrward to seeing you again after forty years. But I have a very sensitive soul.  I feel sad that I find so little to inspire us this morning, September 9, […]