We hold these truths. . .


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is an actual image of one of the four panels of the words of Thomas Jefferson emblazoned upon the walls of
of perhaps America’s most sacred shrine, the Jefferson Memorial.
The image was taken last October (2007) on my first pilgrimage to pray for our country’s transformation.

I continue, as I did yesterday, my personal reflections on these words.
As I offer my thoughts, I invite you to take time to make these words, of the Declaration of Independence, your own.
Realize, especially those of you who are young people, that these words conceived, founded and established our country.
What existed only in the minds and hearts of our founding fathers and mothers became the United States of America.
But, very sadly, it is my sense that we have wandered far way from this vision.
We don’t realize that we are constantly re-birthing America — for good or for ill.

It is my sense that at this critical point of American history that we — each and every American — ought to
re-visit that moment of our founding.  Imagine what it was like.
Imagine their vision of what did not yet exist in the external world.
Imagine the courage they had.
Next to the Word of God, there are no words that are more sacred to me than these.
They are sacred because they reflected divine reality.
God blessed these words and our country was born on the Fourth of July 1776.

When I lived in Washington in the summer of 1979 when I was 36 years old,
I would go a couple of times a week and sit in the rotunda of this sacred shrine
and ponder anew the vision of these sacred words.
I’d like to share with you what was going on in my head and my heart 29 years ago and today as we prepare to inaugurate the 44th president of the United States.
They are faith-based thoughts.  I do not want to impose them on you.
I just share them because they lead me to a very positive view of our country and our world,
a view that resists the profound hatred and violence and self-indulgence of our comotose society.
As you ponder my thoughts ask yourself what vision of America, what vision of the world and our future do you yourself have?
What do you want for you, for your children, for our country, for our world, for our planet?

Dearest God,

I believe your Holy Spirit inspired these words:


I, am a Christian among other God-fearing women and men.
I address You and love You as my Father.
You are my Father.
But this means that You are not just my Father, but the Father of all the ones you have created.
You care about every person on this planet who has ever lived or who ever will;
Therefore, we are all equal in your sight.  We are all persons.
You conceived and created each human being with a unique identity, a body and soul, in Your mind and heart from the very beginning
and you sustain each one of us today and for all eternity.

I have come to recognize that ALL of us are in Your family, Father.
And that makes us but sisters and brothers.
Help me to embrace all of Your children on this planet in my heart.
Help me to want for every one what you have so generously provided for me —
a little place to call home,
simple food on my table,
a decent education
and decent health care.

Help me, Father to recognize and support
the right of every human person to life, liberty and the pursuit of other people’s happiness as well as my own.
Help me not to be only concerned about
my own needs, my own family’s needs,
but to realize that we are all one family.
But we are torn apart by hatred and violence; brother still kills brother.
Help us export love not hate, peace and development for all people, not war and destruction.

This is my constant prayer, heavenly Father, for the world in which I live.
I pray that you would allow me the grace to be able to help bring that about,
not only for the people of America but for the whole world.
To you, heavenly Father,
Father of my Redeemer and elder brother Jesus,
all honor and praise and thanksgiving now and forever.

This, sisters and brothers, is my constant prayer for the world in which I live,
the world I wish to be a part of and help to bring into reality.
It has ever been such since my lazy summer  of ’79 in Washington and always will be.
I do not expect you to be able to use my words as you pray.
I just invite you to make your own prayer.
Make this new season of American government a time of prayer and repentance.
We need God in our world today.
But we rely on ourselves and not on God.  Capitalism, by definition, creates that illusion.
I urge you to re-birth the vision of our founding fathers and mothers in your own heart.
We need to renew that vision, that commitment every year, every day,
from the mightiest to the lowest of our land.
And I warn you (me too), if we don’t constantly attend to our renewal,
we will lose what we have and are.
Great civilizations have collapsed because of their complacency before us.

Nevertheless, it is my sense that God IS transforming us.
All we have to do is co-operate with the process.

Let us be at prayer and reflection.
Ask God for guidance.  Ask forgiveness for taking all of this for granted.
We need God to bring us through these critical times.

With love,

Bob Traupman
priest / writer

Hope for all of us in 2009

img_0118 Holy Cross Abbey, Berryville, Virginia, October 2007  / © Bob Traupman 2009


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

May the new year bring hope and renewal
and transformation to you, to your family,
and to our beloved country and peace to all the world.

This was my greeting at the beginning of 2008. I have just adapted it a bit  because it is still my prayer and my hope.
So let’s think forward a bit to the end of 2009:
How will the year end?  Will we experience a transformation of our     country?                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Will we transform hate and isolation into love and hospitality?
Will we decide to serve God instead of money?
Will we bury our heads in the sand and hope this crisis will go away?                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Or expect our leaders to solve it while we sit back and complain?
Will we settle for less than absolute integrity in the one’s who will lead us?

O good and gracious God,
be with us in this time of uncertain, instability, crisis and worry.
Help us to turn back to you
and away from the idolatry that is everywhere.
We worship the almighty dollar, sexy bodies, war machines.
We worship “the things we create rather than the Creator of all things.
Forgive us, Lord.
We let courageous and honorable young men and women and their families bear the burden of our wars
while we are unwilling to have our comfort zone disturbed.
Forgive us, Lord.
Forgive us, Lord, for our complacency, our indifference, our denial, which is the greatest sin of all.
Help us enter into personal conversion and recognize our hypocrisy.
Help us get down on our knees, to renew and restore and transform our lives where that is necessary.
Help us restore ourselves to the greatness that once was America and can be again.
Instill hope in us. Lord.  Help us to learn to trust that You and only You can get us out of this mess.
But help us realize that authentic hope will come only if we have the courage to face our reality.
Help us have the courage to take a long, loving look at the real.

(Back to 2008 when his was first posted;) Now look at this glorious sunset again.
It is my sense that the end of the year when we’re ready to inaugurate a new president
will have the hopefulness and promise this image symbolizes

Dear Lord, may it be so!


Dear brothers and sisters,

I hope to have new post several times a week before the Inauguration of Barack Obama
to offer some practical ideas of how we can transform our country
and restore us to our wonderful heritage.

Also I would like to know who my readers are who I am resonating with
If you are reading my reflections just insert a phrase or so in the comment bar.

May the Lord strengthen you and give you and yours peace of mind

in the midst of the difficulties of the year ahead.

Bob Traupman
priest / writer