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The Legacy of a martyr

Dear Sisters and Brothers, We’re in as series of blogs to pray for our country before the inauguration of President Obama which will take place on Monday, January 21st, the day set aside to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today I honor him as a mentor of mine. He was 39 when he was […]

Reconciliation: Finding common ground to stand on

image (c) bob traupman 2009. all rights reserved. We’re in a series of blogs building up to President Obama’s second inauguration.  I’m suggesting that we take this time to reflect upon and to pray for our the transformation of our country.  I called us to that four years ago and there is as much need […]

Re-birthing America

We’re coming up in a few days on the second inauguration of Barack Obama.  In this series of blogs, we wish to pray for him, for our congressional leaders and for our country.   In 2009, I asked my readers to realize that personal transformation is connected to the need for transformation of our country. […]