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You will know him in the breaking of the bread

THE THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER ~ April 30, 2017 I would like to offer a reflection on my favorite resurrection story. I will reflect on the story, the fruit of my own imagination; but you need to engage your own.   (Please note: When I use the actual words from Scrip­ture, they appear in bold […]

Lord, You know that I Love You

Third Sunday of Easter ~ April 10, 2016 I’ll rely on our Scripture scholar-friend William Barclay for a commentary on today’s Gospel. It’s the third Resurrection appearance in the Gospel of John and it’s a charming story. Jesus fixes breakfast beside the seashore for his disciples at dawn. Lovely, don’t you think? The guys had […]

They recognized Him in the Breaking of the Bread

THE THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER Today’s Gospel begins with this sentence: “The two disciples recounted what had recounted on the way and how Jesus was made known to them in the breaking on the bread.” And then goes on to relate a story that the Lucan author of an appearance of Jesus to the disciples […]