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Easter continues around the world

Dear Friends, Happy Third Sunday of Easter! From today’s gospel: “The two disciples recounted what had taken place on the way, and how Jesus was made known to them in the breaking of the bread” (Luke 24:35). And here is how my Sunday began.  Enjoy. A song of hope that went around the world. The […]

What’s your “wonder” quotient?

Easter isn’t over yet. We celebrate it for fifty days, ten longer than Lent. Here’s an Easter homily I gave in 2007: “Awesome, dude, the surfer said of the huge wave that was larger than life. “Totally awesome!” He was full of awe, full of wonder. He respected the sea; he revered it. Something awesome […]

let him easter in us! – e.e. cummings

Friends, Well, I’m back!  I was struggling with a depression this past week and couldn’t write anything joyful for Easter, so I didn’t.  I was fighting to find a way for Augie to get the medication he needed in a crisis with his own bipolar illness and found myself on Easter Sunday alone while he […]

of caterpillars and butterflies

Dear Friends, Here is an Easter story I created twenty years ago about two nasty caterpillars named Joe and Pete who were also asleep in their cocoons, completely unaware of what was going to happen next.  Perhaps we can hear it with the eyes and ears of children and bow, once again, before the mystery […]

What wondrous love is this?

Jesus came among us to be our Love, to show the human race how to use the supreme power which God could give us: the intimate, infinite Love which is ours, if only we would claim it and model our lives after Jesus, who is Love itself.

Abandoned by God and friends

Dear Friends. It’s just a few minutes after 8 PM, Wednesday, April 8 and my Jewish brothers and sisters are sitting down with family and friends for the ancient Passover meal.  The Jewish celebration celebrates, renews and makes present the passage, the dleiverance of the Israelite community from the slavery in Egypt (Exodus 12). Our […]

The sorrowful mothers of the world

While I was on my retreat the first week of Lent 2009,  one of my prayer assignments was to sit before a statue of the sorrowful mother.  I have always had a devotion to Mary, the mother of the Lord,  and on that balmy afternoon against the background of the cypress swamp I reflected on […]

Prayer from the desert / Holy Week 2008

Palm Sunday a year ago Christ in the Desert Benedictine Monastery Dear brothers and sisters, This was taken on Palm Sunday a year ago thirteen miles on a dirt road in a desert canyon north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was the  destination of my  pilgrimage I made to the deserts of Arizona and […]

The Passion of Jesus 2009

Palm Sunday / April 5, 2009 Dear Friends, This has been one of the most powerful and fruitful experiences of Lent that I’ve had in many years.  I am sure that is partly due to the retreat I made at the beginning of Lent to ponder the meaning of my priesthood.   I have sunk more […]