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The summer of ’69 – Stonewall

                  Dear Friends, The summer of ’69 was a most interesting year.  For one, I was ordained a priest of Jesus Christ on May 24th in a small unassuming cathedral in Orlando, Florida by William Donald Borders, a man I deeply loved and who became Archbishop of […]

Love / Commitment / Conviction

Good morning, everybody! I’m greeting a beautiful morning on my porch here in Fort Lauderdale. The red tail hawks have just moved in our courtyard and a re cavorting. And I found this awesome video that got me moving and inspired this morning. Just wanted to share it. It’s about  a young man with no […]

A Father’s Day blessing (for everyone)

To all the fathers in my life: Dear Brothers — and everybody . . . ) I just opened my computer this morning and found this beautiful blessing. May it lift you up, encourage you, heal your heart and give you joy. The blessings movie (from Simple P. S. There is another Father’s Day […]


Today is the feast of Corpus Christi in which we Catholics celebrate that we believe in the Real Presence of Jesus — that the bread and wine are transformed into his Body and Blood.
It is stumbling block for many – not only for many Protestants but many a Catholic who never really gets it because they don’t let it transform their life into common-union. And, um, I know some priests who don’t get it or live it either.

Here’s to those who have fathered us!!!

The most important part of being a father
is the time you spend getting to know each one as unique individuals.

Follow a Turtle! (on the edge of mystery)

This coming Sunday is Trinity Sunday when we give praise to God as we Christians understand and know God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  For me, it’s all about being caught up in /getting lost in / finding my true self in the awesome dynamic relationship with our God as we come to know […]