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Ode to Love

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Many of us are thinking of our Valentine’s these days — our lovers,  intendeds, spouses, classmates, mothers, etc.,etc. So, what is love? I have officiated at the marriages of many young couples  over the 39 years of my priesthood who have chosen  St. Paul’s Ode to Love for their wedding Mass. […]

What is Love?

Dear Sisters and Brothers, I had a delightful conversation with these two good people from Tennessee last summer while I was living in St. Augustine.   Or was it Kentucky?  (I have difficulty rembering which is which.).  They were sitting on the curb behind the Village Inn.  The conversation began with a polite reprimand to […]

I’ve been silent but I’m Here

Dear Sisters and Brothers, I’ve been offline for awhile.  Still trying to fold blog-writing into an incredbly busy life for a retired person.  I have a small, quite needy little flock and they have needed my atention this past week. And I am taking deep into my soul the events of last week — Dr. […]

The Legacy of a martyr

Dear Sisters and Brothers, The other day I posted a portrait of my own of a man I admire — Joshua, a homeless man.   Today I honor a mentor of mine who would have been the eighty years old today. He was 39 when he was martyred on April 4, 1968 — another young man […]

Transforming America: Pick up some trash!

America the Beautiful.     the grand canyon / march 2008 / (c) bob traupman 2008.  all rights reserved. Dear Sisters and Brothers, This post would have some ugly pictures on it if I displayed what I am talking about. There is something very simple each and every one of us  can do to transform our country:  […]

Transforming America – one smile at a time

Dear Sisters and Brothers, The other day I commented that our country was won because our founding fathers pledged “their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor” to bring it about. I remember John Kennedy’s inaugural address nearly fifty years ago in which he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but […]

Reconciliation: Finding common ground to stand on