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Advent Day 7 ~ The Lesson of the Shadows

image © bob traupman 2007. all rights reserved. Saturday of the First Week of Advent I have learned to be intrigued by the shadows of my life, Lord. The stronger the light, the deeper the shadow. I have come to realize there will always be shadows. I must accept the shadows of my life as […]

What’s your “wonder” quotient?

Easter isn’t over yet. We Catholics celebrate it for fifty days, ten longer than Lent. Here’s an Easter homily I gave a few year’s back: “Awesome, dude, the surfer said of the huge wave that was larger than life. “Totally awesome!” He was full of awe, full of wonder. He respected the sea; he revered […]

Being known and loved anyway

With thanks to Dear Friends, The Fourth Sunday of Easter has my favorite story of Jesus as the Good Shepherd.  Its my also my favorite image of Jesus. It’s the perfect image for us today.  (See Scripture below for your reflection.) It took me a long time to realize that shepherds walked down the […]